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For over a decade, my professional journey has centered on assisting dogs and their owners. In my most recent role, I directed Dogs Playing For Life's Training & Behavior Center where I specialized in training unowned dogs with advanced behavioral needs while providing nationwide instruction on assessing and advancing dogs with various challenges.

Through my role at Dogs Playing For Life, I introduced enrichment programing to shelters across the United States, spoke at 
conferences, earned a Training Without Conflict Certificate through Ivan Balabanov's TWC academy, and titled multiple dogs with a Social Responsibility Certification.

I am the host of the Feed Your Dog Facts podcast, a show about companion animal nutritional science.

All these experiences have led me to R&R, a true passion project, where I get to give back the knowledge gained from the thousands of dogs I've had the privilege to work with and learn from. They have all been my greatest teachers, and I hope to be yours.

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